Sam I am

Sam I am
Sam I am

She is Pecan

She is Pecan
She is Pecan

This is Pippin

This is Pippin
This is Pippin

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The many faces of Pippin Tree

We secretly think that Pippin has an ambition of becoming a model. 
Looking through all our photos, we noticed that Pips really does have 101 different facial expressions. 
So much more than us.
Pecan only has one (ie her super happy face), while I rotate between two different looks ('O$P$' face and 'YOU GOT FOOD?!" face).

Here's the proof.
Pips trying to rock her top model look.
(Thanks G for the shot!)
#butwenoticeshegotbigsmalleyeleh #neverminditiscalleduniquehor

Made with Love: Crispy Salmon Cake

It's been a while since we had any home-made treats.
So, yap, it's Made with Love time!

On the menu today... Crispy Salmon Cake!
Heheh, we actually got the recipe from Vanilla Pup!
PS: We forgot to include eggs in the shot below.

The swimming Pips

It's been a while since we updated about Pippin monster's progress.
Here goes...

We know that our priority for Pips is to build up her muscles, especially since she spent a good part of her life being caged up. 
The best way to do so, is none other than... SWIMMING!
So off to the beach we went.
And boy oh boy, it did not go well. At all.

Pecan puns...

My Godmummy Kitty bought me a Bread Bed recently!
#onlyihaveagodmummy #pecanandpippindonothave #hehehe #iamspecial
Not only does it fit us nicely (we bought the 60cm one!), the bed is really comfy.
And best of all, Mummy gets to come up with silly names while naming our pics.

Jack Russells on Toast..

Our Pawprint Keepsake-s

Throwback to the days when I was the only child (gosh, I miss them so~), Mummy made me an adorable pawprint keepsake.
And when Pecan came along, Mummy made a mental note to make one for her too.
A pawprint keepsake for Pecan ah ma was seriously long overdue.
#fouryearsliaonowthando #queenofprocrastinatingwindeed
So when Mummy came across this Scupley kit at Art Friend (Plaza Singapore) a couple of months ago, she decided to finally get it done.

Our old lady - Pecan Woods

2017 marks the fourth year that Pecan has joined the Loo Lim Household.
While Mummy took her home with the expectation that Pecan will act like a senior citizen - aka docile, mild.
Of course that did not happen.
Turns out that this ah ma was even more energetic than I was! (And I was only 3 then leh)
Pecan did have her own share of problems when she first joined our family.
That said, the amazing granny has come a long way and is actually the most popular of us three.
Anyway, we all know that Pecan is ancient.
So here's a little update on how the old lady is wise.

Made with Love: Chicken and Brocoli Soup

We're quite sure Mummy caught the cooking fever.
#mustbeherhellskitchenbingewatchingaftereffect #notcomplainingya
She decided to put her limited cooking skills to another challenge by making...
Chicken and Brocoli Soup for us pooches.