Sam I am

Sam I am
Sam I am

She is Pecan

She is Pecan
She is Pecan

Hi Shelly

Hi Shelly
Hi Shelly

Oh my Sherman

Oh my Sherman
Oh my Sherman
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Our little 'old' superstar - Pecan Woods

Old is really gold.
And we wanted to capture every moment of Pecan's 'old-ness'.
Mummy decided to have a photoshoot to celebrate Pecan's 15 years! It was a no brainer for us when we chose which photographer to use. Cos the photographer + assistant are some of hers and ours favourite people around - the amazing people behind Ohpopdog!

Just look that this.
How can you not go Awwwww?
"Oh my ah mama~" (that's like Mummy's chant when she looked through this)

Singapaw-rean food!

Our parents are proud Singaporeans and this little red dot is where we call home now.
But, do you know that we are from all over the world?
I'm from NYC (Yap, call me Uncle Sam), Pecan's from down under (She's Aussie) and Sherman and Shelly are Russians.
The only true-blue Singapaw-rean in our crew is running free up there over some rainbow. 

To help us fit in (cos not many doggos can understand our accents), our parents will make use of all opportunities to get us accustomed to the local culture.
And this is why our Mummy went cray-cray when she saw the local food inspired dog toys!
#abittoocraycray #sheboughtallthevarieties #siaoone #excusetospendmummy

We're proud to introduce you to our very local Singapaw-rean food!
What a spread~~
Pardon our backdrop, Mummy's trying hard to make it feel like we are having a picnic. 
#butnotenoughmaterial #sojustmakedok

Hi Shelly

Gosh, this post actually took Mummy almost ONE year to write. 
Seriously. Can be more biased anot. 
#fourthchildsyndrome #poorshelly #abitsadbuttoobad
So, yap, as most of you should already know by now, the Loo Lim family gained another sibling last September. (Like in 2017, it's ALREADY SEP 2018)
Say hi to Shelly Blackwood!

Moving on...

As much as we missed our little tripod, life still has to go on. 
Especially when you have three Jack Rascals to look after. 
#ahmaisstillsuperactive #shellyisthetroublemaker #Samisthebest
So in case you're wondering how we're geting by, we are proud to say that we are doing fine!
#stillgettinglotsatreats #soourtummiesarehappy

Mummy's note: Goodbye Pips

If you've been following our instagram, you would have known by now that we recently lost Pippin. 
I was still drafting a blog entry about her progress with us over the past year to share how proud I am of her. But as fate would have it, there will no longer be a need to share that. 
Instead, here we are, saying goodbye to her. 
This isn't an easy post to write and I'm constantly battling tears (and in a complete mess) to finish this. 
But still, it's time for some closure. 
We know that this space has been awfully quiet for the past few months.
There's only ONE person to blame.
We're a little worried that our fans (if any) is gonna give up on us soon. 

Firstly, thank you if you've been faithfully popping in to check for updates.
We really appreciate it.
Secondly, while this blog has been absolutely dormant, rest assured that our lives haven't!
Yap, Mummy's only been lazy in not updating this space. She is still as diligent as she used to be in bringing us around to our favourite spots.
So do say hi (preferably with treats) if you bump into us!
#hengsheis #elsewewillkillherwithourjudgyfaces
Thirdly, we promise that we will be updating what we were up to for the past few months.
Trust us, A LOT happened. You'll probably already know if you've been following our instagram!
#seelaneverfollowthat'swhyyoudon'tknow #follownowhor
Despite that, Pecan ah ma is still the queen of the household. And yes, we are still her minions.
Though we suspect that Pippin has been plotting to overthrow the dowager.
#pippinalwaysdisturbspecan #poorahma
That said, I am still the only boy (so I'm status quo and very happy about it). And Shelly, she's still the goofy little girl who is more concerned about her ball than her hierarchy at home.
So, please hang in there!
We'll be back! SOON!!!

Sam is 8!

On the lovely day of 26 January 2018, I turned 8!
#nolongerapup #anoldmanliao
Mummy really couldn't help but wondered where the past 8 years went.
My birthday this year was a rather quiet affair. 
Mummy ordered a small cake for us!
Thanks Barking Good for rushing out the order for us!

You know how much your Mummy loves you when she decides to write "Sam is an ass" on your birthday cake.
I would like to think that Mummy wanted to say Sam is S, but probably had a miscommunication?
#thankshuhmummy #terribleparenting
We took the delicious cake to one of our favourite hang out and devoured it in seconds.
Actually, I think that Pippin is a bigger ass than me lor.
No, we didn't forget Shelly. 
Shelly is having a staycation with her breeder (because... she just had a litter of pups! We will share that in a bit).
So, Mummy specially ordered some pupcakes and delivered it to her breeder's place for the little girl to enjoy.
Mummy's note: It's bittersweet celebrating the birthday of this little rascal cos I get reminded that he's getting older. It's quite amazing to have watched Sam grow from a tiny 2 month old to this pudgy uncle. While it aches a tad seeing all the white streaks that are developing around his eyes, I am extremely proud of what an awesome dog he has grown up to be. This little ass has changed so much, from actually making friends with cats (okay, not all cats), not being so gung-ho in joining fights (he's learning to pick his battles, thankfully) and being pretty amazing at recall (okay, I know he cares for the treat he will get than the actual act of coming back to me). 

Thank you so much for bringing so much joy to my life. You are the reason I can't wait to get home each day (Sorry Mr Lim), and the reason I look forward to weekends (cos I wanna bring you and your sisters out).

Stay healthy and cheeky my little ass!