Sam I am

Sam I am
Sam I am

She is Pecan

She is Pecan
She is Pecan

This is Pippin

This is Pippin
This is Pippin

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Throwback to ... Pippin's birthday!

On 25th July 2017, we celebrated Pippin's 4th birthday!
We brought Pips home in January and of course, while we will always remember her gotcha day, we also wanted to give her a 'birthdate'.
My birthday falls in January and Pecan's one is in September. To spread out the celebrations, we decided that Pippin's birthday will be on 25th July!
#excusesla #shejustwantsareasontobuymorecakes #reallyrandomdate

Mummy ordered her cake from one of our favourite ladies, Dionne, and barkery - Barking Good.
So, we hopped over to their new store front to collect the cake!
Mummy was contemplating doing a quick shoot there of us posing with the lovely cake, but decided to not risk it after all.
#nothankstopippinmonster #pippinwillcheongthecakelor

Fuzzyard Supernaturals

So, of course, we were over the moon when we got our paws on ....

Thank you Howlistic Life for sponsoring these treats!

Made with Love: Salmon Tarts for Dogs

Something fishy is cooking in the kitchen today...
Salmon Tarts for Dogs is on the menu!
(Thank you Feed My Paws for the recipe!)

We are the Mr.PAW Singapore Ambassadors!

We're very pleased to share that we are officially the Singapore ambassador for Mr.PAW!
We would like to thank Woofer & Purrlensky for believing in us and giving us this amazing opportunity and of course, plenty of free shampoo!

The many faces of Pippin Tree

We secretly think that Pippin has an ambition of becoming a model. 
Looking through all our photos, we noticed that Pips really does have 101 different facial expressions. 
So much more than us.
Pecan only has one (ie her super happy face), while I rotate between two different looks ('O$P$' face and 'YOU GOT FOOD?!" face).

Here's the proof.
Pips trying to rock her top model look.
(Thanks G for the shot!)
#butwenoticeshegotbigsmalleyeleh #neverminditiscalleduniquehor

Made with Love: Crispy Salmon Cake

It's been a while since we had any home-made treats.
So, yap, it's Made with Love time!

On the menu today... Crispy Salmon Cake!
Heheh, we actually got the recipe from Vanilla Pup!
PS: We forgot to include eggs in the shot below.

The swimming Pips

It's been a while since we updated about Pippin monster's progress.
Here goes...

We know that our priority for Pips is to build up her muscles, especially since she spent a good part of her life being caged up. 
The best way to do so, is none other than... SWIMMING!
So off to the beach we went.
And boy oh boy, it did not go well. At all.