Sam I am

Sam I am
Sam I am

She is Pecan

She is Pecan
She is Pecan

This is Pippin

This is Pippin
This is Pippin

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Sam is 8!

On the lovely day of 26 January 2018, I turned 8!
#nolongerapup #anoldmanliao
Mummy really couldn't help but wondered where the past 8 years went.
My birthday this year was a rather quiet affair. 
Mummy ordered a small cake for us!
Thanks Barking Good for rushing out the order for us!

You know how much your Mummy loves you when she decides to write "Sam is an ass" on your birthday cake.
I would like to think that Mummy wanted to say Sam is S, but probably had a miscommunication?
#thankshuhmummy #terribleparenting
We took the delicious cake to one of our favourite hang out and devoured it in seconds.
Actually, I think that Pippin is a bigger ass than me lor.
No, we didn't forget Shelly. 
Shelly is having a staycation with her breeder (because... she just had a litter of pups! We will share that in a bit).
So, Mummy specially ordered some pupcakes and delivered it to her breeder's place for the little girl to enjoy.
Mummy's note: It's bittersweet celebrating the birthday of this little rascal cos I get reminded that he's getting older. It's quite amazing to have watched Sam grow from a tiny 2 month old to this pudgy uncle. While it aches a tad seeing all the white streaks that are developing around his eyes, I am extremely proud of what an awesome dog he has grown up to be. This little ass has changed so much, from actually making friends with cats (okay, not all cats), not being so gung-ho in joining fights (he's learning to pick his battles, thankfully) and being pretty amazing at recall (okay, I know he cares for the treat he will get than the actual act of coming back to me). 

Thank you so much for bringing so much joy to my life. You are the reason I can't wait to get home each day (Sorry Mr Lim), and the reason I look forward to weekends (cos I wanna bring you and your sisters out).

Stay healthy and cheeky my little ass!

Loots from Korea!

Mummy abandoned us for a week and scooted off to Korea for a work-and-play trip last Nov.
But luckily for us, we were on her mind the entire trip and as a result, all, if not most, of her buys that entire trip were for US!
Check out what she brought back for us!
BUT, all is not forgiven.
We decided to review her purchases and see if she was a good shopper, or simply, just a sucker.
Let's see how it goes!

Happy 2018!

2017 has been a pretty great year for the Loo Lim household. 
We literally doubled in size!
For two little doggos to FOUR rascals. 

As usual, we do have a LONG list of New Year Resolutions which we cannot be bothered to list.
#aiyasurewon'thappenone #don'twastetime #andnopenotgoingtobefivedogs
So, we just wanna wish everyone..

Our Christmas outfits!

Christmas is around the corner!
And we got our very first X'mas presents - From Mummy of course.
#mummypaidforit #sowearestillexpectingapresentfromdaddy
Can you guess who gets what?

Pardon our lag

You may have noticed that our blog has been kinda quiet lately.
Well, Mummy started a new job a few months back and the job does require her to work on weekends at times. 
Any spare time she has, usually goes into playing her stupid game (if you know her personally, you will know which game) or spending it with us.
So, unfortunately, the blog took a back seat, and that explains the lack of activity here.
But, we promise we will do our parts and nag her endlessly to update this space!
So, don't give up on us yet, ya?
#andwestilloweyouashellyintroduction #soon

Lotsa love, 
the four little punks!


If you've been following us on Instagram, you will notice a drastic change in our family.
If you haven't, tsk, (#yeahIamjudging you) let me share the news with you now.

The Loo Lim Household started with one adorable dog in the household some seven years ago.
Yap, Sam I am.

Pecan Ah Ma 14 liao

Our lovely ah ma turned 14 this September.
To celebrate her ancient-ness, Mummy decided to throw her a birthday party. 
The very first in the Loo Lim household.
It didn't take too long for Mummy to decide the theme of the party - Woodlands!
Afterall, all our middle names are Woodlands related!
#SamForest #PecanWoods #PippinTree