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Crafting Duo presents... Pillow covers!

My parents customized a lovely couch from Sanctuary Dian. Everyone at home is in love with the couch, though I've proudly claimed it as mine.
However, mummy felt that it does look a little bare. Hence, she decided that it was time for the crafting duo to embark on our next project.

Introducing the materials for our project.
After a thorough QC, I approved of the materials.
Materials: Riley Blake Chevron Fabric from Moods in NYC, Pillowcase from Ikea, Gutterman Sewing  threads.
Getting ready at Mummy's sewing station. 
Yes, I did the sewing today.
Nay~ Just kidding. Of course, Mummy was the one doing the work and I did my job by staring.
The project was pretty simple but due to Mummy's low XP, there were a couple of hiccups. (e.g. she cut the fabric too small and had to use snaps to keep the pillow covers closed.) 
Lousy mummy. 
Nonetheless, once she got the hang of it, each pillow cover took no more than half hour to complete. 
Posing with the completed pillow covers.
Presenting the final look! 
Also, check out our customized silhouette pillow from Le Papier Studio.
 Testing out the end products and being extremely satisfied with it.
 Hee, the most obvious reason being.. it's the same fabric as my vintage suitcase dog bed!
Matchy matchy...
Doesn't the extra pop of color just add a new life to our couch?
Hee... yet another successful crafting session. 
Who says crafting is difficult?
It isn't when you are the one staring.
Ho ho ho...


  1. Nice work by both you and your mom Sam. I like the pop of color and the silhouette pillow is very cool.