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She is Pecan

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Hi Shelly
Hi Shelly

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Oh my Sherman
Oh my Sherman

Made with Love - Mini Omelette for Sammy!

Another reason I love weekends - I get yummy made with love meals! 
This week's special was inspired by a recipe from Pawsh Magazine!
It's yummy mini Salmon Omelette!

Ingredients needed are:
- Two Eggs
- A few slices of smoked Salmon
- One small carrot and a floret of brocoli; finely chopped
(The original recipe calls for green peppers, but mummy isn't confident that I'll be interested in that, hence she decided to replace that with other veggie choices that I kinda like.)
This is yet another hassle free recipe that is really easy to make. Simply crack the eggs directly into a lightly greased (Mummy used olive oil) ramekin, before adding all the other ingredients and then mix everything together.
Wala~ That's it.
(Though I have to admit that the mixture before stirring doesn't exactly look appetizing.)
Oh oh, mummy added a pinch of parsley just to give it a taste of herb.
Once evenly mixed, just place the ramekin in the pre-heated oven and wait. 
Impatiently wait...
And after 15 minutes, brunch is served!
Finally!! I'm famished!
Here's a close-up. 
I'm kinda glad mummy added carrots in the end. It really adds to the color of the omelette and it sure  does appear extremely appetizing. 
A happy (but starving) dog waiting to start munching away.
 Ready, get set... GO!
 Let the feast begin...
Nom nom nom...
 And of course, within minutes, the dish is history. 
The stuffed dog smacked his lips in satisfaction, gave a nice loud burp before heading to his bed, stretched out his little limbs and 

Till my next home cooked meal...

Mummy's Note: This omelette is unbelievably easy to make and it tasted rather good! With a little pepper and salt seasoning, this would be perfect for even my own breakfast. The only downside was that while the omelette looked great, it was a tad bit overcooked and became a little rubbery. Lucky for me, the dog didn't give a damn and ate it like it's the best meal on earth. (THAT IS EXACTLY WHY I RATHER COOK FOR SAM THAN FOR THE MISTER!) 
Best part of this dish - Sam's stools was firm and nice even after this feast!
Bribery of the dog - Mission accomplished!


  1. Holy cow, you are the luckiest doggie!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  2. I have nominated you for the Versatile Award and the Super Sweet Blog Award- check out my blog to collect.