Sam I am

Sam I am
Sam I am

She is Pecan

She is Pecan
She is Pecan

This is Pippin

This is Pippin
This is Pippin

Sam 'n' the city 2014!

Me and Mummy went on a special date last saturday! 
(Yes, we left Pecan ah ma and Daddy behind at home to rot to death. Ho Ho Ho )
For our special day out, Mummy decided to bring me to the city!
Well, The promontory @ Marina Bay to be exact.
And yes, I finally got to enjoy the satisfaction of marking my territory at Marina Bay.
The truth was... Mummy brought me to the 8 Days Pets 'n' the City 2014 event.
Since Pecan ah ma isn't very dog friendly yet, Mummy decided to leave her behind and got Daddy to accompany her (Before you start pitying Daddy, he actually likes being home rather than stuck at a dog event).
The event was a little blah~
I mean the booths were disappointing and there was nothing for sale that I wanted. 
Mummy did get a free Old Chang Kee curry puff, which she gobbled up herself without offering me any.
So horrible right?
Anyway, here's a lousy "I was here" shot. 
Geesh, Mummy really needs to work on her photography skills.
Tsk tsk tsk
Nonetheless, I got to chill out in front of the iconic Marina Bay Sands.

and along Marina Bay~
Well, despite the lack of fun activities at the event, I did figure out some ways to entertain myself.

I made friends with a gorgeous Goldie and learnt some tips of begging from her!
I had fun snapping away. 
Thanks Auntie Lynne for the polaroid. 
How can so cute?
And lastly, I got fussed over by three lovely ladies.
Life is good siah.
Although I came home with ZERO treats or purchases, I did have a ton of fun hanging out in the city with some pretty babes (not you Mummy). 
Plus, nothing beats some awesome one-on-one time with my favorite person!!!


  1. your favourite person = mil = me right??????????

  2. Huh. I already say you pretty liao. If you are my favourite person, I think Mummy will throw me out of the house.

  3. see ur shiok face....SO CUTE

  4. Sam you are beautiful~ We love the picture of you along Marina Bay and with the polaroid pictures (those are too cute!!)♥