Sam I am

Sam I am
Sam I am

She is Pecan

She is Pecan
She is Pecan

Hi Shelly

Hi Shelly
Hi Shelly

Oh my Sherman

Oh my Sherman
Oh my Sherman

Cat wanted...

When my parents moved to NYC, Mummy told Daddy that she wanted a dog.
Without any hesitation, Daddy said yes.
So here I am.

When we moved back to Singapore, Mummy told Daddy that she wanted a SECOND dog. (So demanding hor~)
Daddy said no for a while before he saw Pecan ah ma's photo.
Then he said yes, reluctantly.
So here's ah ma.

After we got ah ma, Mummy told Daddy she wanted a cat. 
(She is totally pushing her luck)
Daddy said no.
After a while, he remained a firm no.
Of course Mummy didn't give up.
And when Auntie Charmaine rescued a little ginger kitty (lil' Weasley), Mummy thought that it was time to try again using a different approach.
This time, she needed me on her side. 
So, on a fateful afternoon, she brought me to meet Weasley.
A sweetheart he is, but an angel I am not.
(Plus Daddy stuffed me some treats with a little instructions)
In a nutshell, I did not get along with Weasley, not at all.
I was whining non-stop and charging at him, while he hissed at me.

Along with my 'awesome' reactions, Mummy's dreams of having a cat was officially dashed, for as long as I'm around. 
Sorry Mummy, that's a long way though. Hehe...

I felt kinda bad that I single-paw-edly destroyed her 2+1 dream (2 dogs + 1 cat). 
But, the truth is, if Mummy paid a little more attention to me, she would have realized that I am the cat she always wanted!


I love to chill at weird places.
Kinda liking my cosy little corner.

I'm a little obsessed with boxes!
I'm Sam-mi-mi, the kitty in a box.
Here's Pee-kee-kee, the silly old dog of the household.

I perform the cat-stretch.
And can even pose in style while doing so.
In fact, I've been doing it since I was a puppy!

I love playing hide-and-seek on high grounds.
Pecan ah ma cannot catch me!
PS: Mummy, it's time to pack your closet.

I'm a fan of the cat teaser toy!
Despite showing this to Mummy, she wasn't impressed and was still a little disappointed with the fact that she would never be able to shoot a lovely picture of me, Pecan ah ma and a cat.
To ease her loss a little more, Auntie JY was pretty awesome and took some time to create this... 
I couldn't stop laughing when I saw this though.
Hope you like it Mummy.
Sorry Mummy, cat wanted but it's not gonna happen~
(I spy Daddy doing a victory dance from the corner of my eyes)


  1. Hahaha yes Sam I fulfilled ur dream of sleeping side by side a kitty!


  3. you don't want a cat ! they is crazy!