Sam I am

Sam I am
Sam I am

She is Pecan

She is Pecan
She is Pecan

Hi Shelly

Hi Shelly
Hi Shelly

Oh my Sherman

Oh my Sherman
Oh my Sherman

Craftholic bunny!

Mummy and Daddy went shopping for a birthday presents today and along the way, they also stopped by Craftholic to buy each of our four cousins a small stuffy each.
While looking around, one of the bunnies caught Mummy's eye and she thought that it would suit Pecan perfectly!
So she attempted to convince Daddy.
Of course, his first reaction was 'No'.
But after some persuasion, Daddy gave it and bought something for all the little girls in his life!
Mummy - 2314231231 vs Daddy - 0

And when they brought it home, Pecan ah ma was over the moon!
Fitting her small built like a T.
She's totally owning it.
You think it's the end of the story?
Tsk tsk tsk...
Nooooooo... of course not.
Ho ho ho...

When Mummy called her over to the kitchen to reward her for posing for the shots, I did what any rascal cunning dog normal boy will do.
It's so comfy~~
Me likey~ 
Now I'm a little upset why Daddy din't buy me one.
No fair.
Mummy couldn't stop laughing when she saw how comfortable I was.
So, she spoke to ah ma. 
And ah ma being the nice old lady she always is (*cough*bullshit*cough*), said yes!
So now the bunny belongs to both of us!
He he he...
*evil grin*
shhhhh.. i win...

PS: Believe it or not, the final winner is.. Mummy.
Just as I'm typing this, I see Mummy snoozing off on my our bunny!
So horrible!!!!

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