Sam I am

Sam I am
Sam I am

She is Pecan

She is Pecan
She is Pecan

This is Pippin

This is Pippin
This is Pippin

Quickie Art and Craft

Jack Russell Mania (JRM) is turning 13 this July.
To get us ready for the exciting celebrations, Mummy ordered two JRM bandanas just for us.
#ithinkiwearitbetterthanher #shhhhhdonttellherIsaidthat
Okay okay, I think we both look pretty cool in it. 
However, once we take it off, we won't able to differentiate which belong to who. 
#ifIwearwronghow #hersissmellyleh #cosshesuredroolonit 
So, we attempted to mark our own bandanas with our own saliva.
#spotourlittletongues #howhygienichor
Thankfully the crafty (pun intended) Mummy had something up her sleeves.
It was a real quick fix. 
All she used were Martha Stewart stencils, satin paint, a sponge brush and a plastic container.
And viola~ our very own customised bandanas.
Not only does it look (and smell) good, it took Mummy less than five minutes. 
Doing an arty farty shot with them. 
#showingoff #cannotissit
Now people will know who we are when we attend the upcoming celebrations.
We sure can't wait!
If you're a JRT just like us, do join us for JRM's 13th birthday!
Click here for more information.

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