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Sam I am
Sam I am

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She is Pecan
She is Pecan

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Hi Shelly
Hi Shelly

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Oh my Sherman
Oh my Sherman

Sam's Pick - Chew Time

It's no secret that Jack Russells require a crazy amount tons of stimulation to keep these terrors out of trouble. 
That's pretty accurate for the case of me and Pecan ah ma.
#memorethanherofcourse #seeourinnocentface 
To keep us out of trouble (well, me mostly), Mummy invested in a huge variety of chews. 
From rawhide (yucks, we no like), bully sticks (smelly and yummy), antlers (which was a total fail - it was so hard that I didn't give a hoot about it), you name it, we probably would have done a taste test on it.
#wewonderhowourbelliescantahanalltherubbishmummyfeedsus #nocomplaintsthough #nowonderdaddypocketisquiteempty
Honestly, we had way more options when we were still in New York. 
Once we moved back, Mummy noticed that it was rather challenging for her to find decent chews for us. 
Well, of course until we chanced upon...

One first experience was Christmas two years ago when...
we won a Chew Time giveaway. 
Our first taste of Chew Time's bully sticks.
#goneinsixtyseconds #nolarwheregotsofast 
Needless to say, we became instant fans of Chew Time!
And very quickly, Chew Time orders were arriving rather periodically at our place.
In fact, Mummy even bought the VIP membership!
"Drop drop drop drop"
#dogfishing #ourchantingnoworkleh #stupidmummy 
It's funny how that while we're pretty much regulars with Chew Time, we haven't actually done a write up about them.
So when Auntie Jolene asked us if we will be willing to do one, we were like "OF COURSE CAN LA!".
#whowillsaynotomoretreats #notusforsure
Look at all the yummy chews that came our way.
One thing that really drew Mummy to Chew Time is the range of chews available for chewers of different capabilities.
I'm a rather aggressive chewer (RAWR~), while the bogay (toothless) Pecan, can hardly work on anything.
On one hand, Mummy was actually able to find chews that even ah ma can sink her remaining teeth in comfortably and work on for a good half hour or so. And the other, challenging and tough chews that can keep the S-monster (aka me) out of trouble too.
Isn't that just so perfect?
First pick!
Found what we liked.
Chew in progress.
In case you're overwhelmed by the huge selection, don't worry!
Here's a list of our absolute favourites!
#triedandtested #won'tgowrongone #sorryforyourparents'pockets
Another thing we adore about Chew Time is the quick delivery!
Especially when our stupid Mummy always last minute then order one. 

Thank you Auntie Jolene once again for the awesome treat!

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