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Made with Love: Meatloaf Cupcakes

It has been a while since Mummy whipped up something special for us.
And we're rejoicing cos Mummy's feeling the itch to cook again!
#wedon'tcarehowuglyitlooks #wejustwanttotasteit #ourlittlebelliesareexcited

We're having..
*Drum rolls*
MEATLOAF PUPCAKE on today's menu!
PS: If you're wondering why Pippin monster is missing from this photo, just read on.

Mummy really isn't the most talented home chef around.
#farfromitlor #ibetternotsaytoomuchlatershenothappywithme
So, she decided to follow this recipe to be safe.
Here's the list of ingredients needed!
(You can get the amount needed from the link)
Time to mix it up!
Once it was eventually mixed, Mummy laid them in the muffin tin.
We really wanted to help. 
But we couldn't stop stealing bites.
Of course we were kicked out of the kitchen rather quickly.
#elsegotnoneleftliao #whymummycannotappreciateourhelpone
In the oven the cupcakes went!
And the waiting game starts.
We actually baked it for slightly more than 30 minutes, as Mummy packed the cupcakes a little too dense. As a result, it did take a little longer to cook through.
The frosting was really easy to do as well. 
However, we did cut down on the amount of milk added as the frosting ended up being too watery to pipe. 
Our little piece of advice - add the milk slowly as you mix the rest of the ingredients. This can help you control the amount needed.

To give our meatloaf pupcakes a little 'pizzazz', Mummy decided to top it off with a generous dusting of Cranimals Very Berry Antioxidant Pet Supplement.
Don't underestimate the abilities of the red powder okay. It can help prevent chronic degenerative diseases like cancer, arthritis, vascular disease and macular degeneration of eyes.
It's a really convenient treat, especially for pooches that ain't too fond of the actual berries.
#akasampecanandpippin #wereallydonotlikefruits
PS: Thank you Network for Pets for sending over this awesome supplement!

Oh, pardon Mummy's lousy frosting skills.
She really isn't that cut-out to be a pastry chef.
Honestly, all of us started drooling the very moment the heavenly-smelling pupcakes were taken out of the oven.
We nearly died waiting for them to cool enough to be ready for the frosting to be piped on top.
#feltlikeeternity #cannotblameusla #dogsdon'thaveagoodsenseoftime
In case you were wondering why Pippin wasn't in the first shot - 
it was because this happened.
The very moment the monster was released, she went straight for the prize.
We did give it a couple of tries.
#iswearmummybroughthomeamonsternotadog #sheisnotmysister #idonotknowher
This was pretty much the best shot we had of the three of us waiting for the cake.
Luckily, I am still Mummy's favourite boy.
#butagainIamtheonlyboy #whateverla
So, I got first dips!
The gentle ah ma was next.
The very next second, she took a huge bite (almost took out Mummy's fingers. Heng she is bo gay). grabbed everything and walked away to some corner to finish it up.
#wearealllikethatla #nosuchthingasgentleintheLooLimhousehold
Last but not least, the Pippin monster.
#howcomegotgirlsounglamone #apicturespeaksathousandwords
This was us obviously begging for more.
We managed to make 10 pupcakes, so there was plenty to go around!
We even had leftovers for brekkie the next morning.
#wealsohadsoftstoolsforthenexttwodays #butwhocaresgoodfoodisworththediarrhea
Gosh, we seriously can get used to Mummy's DIY food.
Guess what!
Mummy is so inspired to continue this practice that she had been spending all week researching on what to prepare for us next.


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    Thanks for sharing :)

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