Sam I am

Sam I am
Sam I am

She is Pecan

She is Pecan
She is Pecan

Hi Shelly

Hi Shelly
Hi Shelly

Oh my Sherman

Oh my Sherman
Oh my Sherman

Our Pick: Draw For A Cause

It's an open secret that Mummy is obsessed with getting illustrations of us done.
#trustusit'sgettingworsewiththeadditionofpippin #poordaddy'spocket
Hence, it's a no-brainer that Mummy would participate in Woofer & Purrlensky's project for the year - DRAW FOR A CAUSE.

This initiative is pretty neat.
From now till the end of the year, all you have to do is donate at least $150 worth of food or cash to any local animal welfare organisation, present your donation receipt at Woofer & Purrlensky and the extremely talented boss, Beverly, will illustrate your pet for free!

This is so up Mummy's alley la. 
Not only does she get to walk home with lovely portraits of us, she gets to give back to the society.

Presenting our #DrawForACause portraits!

Boy oh boy, Mummy was seriously blown away by how awesome the portraits looked.
While I am extremely handsome (Yap, I am as thick-skinned as it gets), I am actually quite difficult to draw. 
But, when Mummy first saw this illustration, her jaw-dropped la.
It really really looks like me.
Plus, it really captures how my eyes lit up whenever I am happy.
#shesaysIlookbetterintheportraitthaninreallife #Inofriendherliao
Here's a close up.
#canbemoretalentedanot #damnnicecan
Next up, Pippin's very first actual illustration.
But don't get fooled by her appearance or this gorgeous illustration!
Pippin Tree is a monster at home.
Beverly really captured the twinkle in Pip's eyes. 
Last but not least,
The Ah ma with the ah ma.
Beverly mentioned that Pecan was the most challenging of the lot.
But judging from the end-product, we really cannot tell.
It really is the exact face Mummy comes home every single day.
It's really amazing how Beverly could translate our personalities into inanimate illustrations. 
No wonder Mummy was way impressed. Needless to say, she absolutely adores them.
So much so that she sent poor daddy (during his long work day) to get these framed. 
Once she got them back, up the wall they went.
#ofcoursesamandpecangettobeontop #ourfamilyhierarchy #butfakeonela #pippinbulliesbothmeandpecan #ourlivessuck
Happy campers!
Guess which organisation we chose?
Of course the one that gave Pippin her new lease of life lor - Voices for Animals.
Can you tell our paws apart?
Hint hint: I've the best looking paws.
If you would like to have Beverly illustrate your furkid and be blown away by it, simply head here to check out the details.

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