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Sam I am
Sam I am

She is Pecan

She is Pecan
She is Pecan

Hi Shelly

Hi Shelly
Hi Shelly

Oh my Sherman

Oh my Sherman
Oh my Sherman

Our old lady - Pecan Woods

2017 marks the fourth year that Pecan has joined the Loo Lim Household.
While Mummy took her home with the expectation that Pecan will act like a senior citizen - aka docile, mild.
Of course that did not happen.
Turns out that this ah ma was even more energetic than I was! (And I was only 3 then leh)
Pecan did have her own share of problems when she first joined our family.
That said, the amazing granny has come a long way and is actually the most popular of us three.
Anyway, we all know that Pecan is ancient.
So here's a little update on how the old lady is wise.

Unfortunately for her (and Daddy's pocket), Pecan had to undergo yet another dental scaling.
#costheoldladydoesnotliketochew #anythingalsogobbleup #nowonderherteethsobad
This was something that Mummy had been putting off for a while as she really wasn't comfortable putting Pecan under anaesthesia.
After procrastinating for almost a year, Mummy decided to finally go ahead for a couple of reasons.
1. Pecan's biannual (twice a year) bloodworks came back perfect and thus, there shouldn't be any issue of her going under GA. 
(And someone once mentioned to Mummy that if she waited until a point when Pecan is unwell, it would like complicate the situation further.)
2. We became friends with an amazing lady (HI JANE!) who works at The Visiting Vets Clinic and Mummy knew that she could trust Pecan with her.

The drugged ah ma.
We knew Pecan was in great hands and we really appreciated the updates.
To be honest, that week was a rather trying time for Mummy (Granddaddy fell really ill. But thankfully he's all good now.) and she was so thankful that she didn't have to worry about Pecan a bit cos she was really well taken care of.
Thank you Jane, Dr Huang and Dr Kim for the great job and more importantly, for keeping all of Pecan's remaining teeth.
Yap, she didn't need a single extraction!
We actually wondered if Pecan went for dental or a photoshoot.
Cos the photos looked really good!
Ah ma out on her toilet break.
"When is Mummy coming to pick me up?"
Pecan was back to her usual self that evening after her dental. 
Even got her full appetite back.
And here I was wishing that I could eat her leftovers.
#mytummynothappy #pecanistrulyamazing #speedyrecoveryindeed

Next's up.
We are rather confident that Pecan has pretty much lost most of her hearing. 
We initially thought that Pecan, being the dowager of the household, was just practising selective hearing when it comes to Mummy calling her. 
Then, we started noticing that Pecan doesn't respond to the opening of doors or when we call her for dinner from the kitchen.
The 'clap test' pretty much confirmed our suspicions. 
You really can't tell just by looking at her. 
Being the amazing granny she is, she really doesn't seem to be bothered by her loss of hearing.
In fact, she is the only one of the three to sleep through a thunderstorm.
Mummy just had to tweak her habits a tad.
For example, she uses more hand cues when training her and makes sure that Pecan knows where we are when she is off-leashed.
Other than that, life is really just as per normal.
Lastly, Pecan's arthritis started working up again - her front limbs will tremble.
Besides pumping up on her joint supplements, she has began weekly acupuncture session with Auntie Jane!
#shelookshappyhor #fakeone 
Unfortunately, ah ma isn't quite a fan of the sessions and always try to escape.
At least she is way more cooperative than me.
She is generally improving and getting used to it!
But the improvement is seriously tremendous. Pecan no longer trembles and does seem a lot more active these days.
To keep her active and strong, we swear by her favourite activity going - swimming at the beach!
Plus, the beach is Pecan's happiest place on Earth.
The beach is really such an important part of our lives that we're doing our best to turn Pips into a water-loving bikini babe (like ah ma. ..yuckks)
We're pleased that the accupuncture and weekly swims are really paying off.
At least they were enough to keep Pecan's happy dances going whenever Mummy comes home.
#whygotdogsocuteone #sheseriouslyspoilsmarket
On a side note...
Remember that one of my new year resolution was to get a disciple?
And Pippin Tree came along?
Turns out that Pippin much prefers Pecan than me.
#idonotcare #ipreferboysanyway

The old lady and her 'pai-kar' disciple.
Pippin really is Pecan's shadow around the house.
So all in all, we're proud to share that this old lady is going strong! 
A little birdie told us that Mummy has actually started planning a party for Pecan's 14th birthday in September!
This will be the first in this household.
Now we are really excited!

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