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She is Pecan
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Hi Shelly
Hi Shelly

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Oh my Sherman
Oh my Sherman

Loots from Korea!

Mummy abandoned us for a week and scooted off to Korea for a work-and-play trip last Nov.
But luckily for us, we were on her mind the entire trip and as a result, all, if not most, of her buys that entire trip were for US!
Check out what she brought back for us!
BUT, all is not forgiven.
We decided to review her purchases and see if she was a good shopper, or simply, just a sucker.
Let's see how it goes!

Our spread of treats!!
As Mummy is quite particular about our diet, she did put in some effort in selecting quality treats for us.
Unfortunately, it was a daunting task as most of the treat labels were in Korean.
And, the very little English that was on the packaging, was pretty different from what we are used to.
Instead of Beef, they put Eye of Round.
And 'Meet' instead of 'Meat'.
LOL. Okay, this one confirm typo.
Oooh, lucky for us, she managed to find one of our favourite treats - Yaky Charms!
These yak pieces will expand and end up like crunchy popcorns after being in a microwave!
We absolutely love them!
#mummydabest #winliao
Guess we have to wait till she brings it to the office, pop them and bring them back.
We really don't care what the treats are made of, as long as they make our tummies happy.
I guess it helps that none of us have any allergies, so Mummy could just get anything for us.

Royal Tails Pet Bag
This is easily one of Mummy's favourite purchases from Korea.
A bag for pet owners!
Okay, we admit. This bag is pretty cool.
The components fit very nicely into the bag, with room for other stuff such as wet wipes and towel!
We weren't as excited as Mummy was as there was no food involved.
#meh #practicaldogs
This was a sample piece and Mummy practically had to beg the seller to sell this piece to her. Apparently, it was a pre-order only item (they needed 3 weeks to ship and only within Korea). So Mummy literally stood there and begged them to sell it to her.
#hengtheywereniceenough #showofflor

Mummy and her colleagues saw a ton of cute furkids walking around the K-Pet expo with cute blushes. (okay, to be honest, the cat does look cute in this) 
So, they tracked down the source and found the culprit!
Now that she is back, Mummy simply grabbed whoever was closest and experimented on her.
#sorrypecan #sacrificedforthegreatergood
I seriously feel so bad for Pecan, thankfully, she doesn't seemed to be bothered by this.
Come on la Mummy, you can't even put the blusher properly. -_-
On a good note, the chalk washed off very easily, so no damage is done.
Oh well, word has it that she might be putting this on us during Chinese New Year.
God help us.

Mummy was on the lookout for water fountains that are interesting and more importantly, non-plastic.
Reason? She wanted to add a dash of colloidal silver to our water and needed a fountain that wasn't plastic. (Cos the silver will stick to the plastic)
She was over the moon when she saw this cute Cactus ceramic fountain and immediately bought it, although it was quite expensive. 
And she had to painstakingly hand-carry the fragile bowl back.
#sucker #comeiclapforyou
This fountain was marketed to be suitable for dogs and cats. 
After putting it to the test (with four of us), we concluded that it really wasn't designed for dogs in mind.
Dogs drink by scooping up water with their tongues.
Unfortunately, the water that collected on top wasn't (deep) enough for us to scoop water up.
In addition, the holes allowing the water to flow back to the base to be re-filtered were small. As a result, dirt and foam collected around the base of the cactus and it got pretty gross very quickly.
Sorry for the hard work, Mummy, but this really is a white elephant. Albeit an expensive one.
Now she just has to figure out what to do with this.

Customised Bandanas from Oopsie Daisy!
Mummy tracked down the store (thanks to Vanillapup's recommendation) and spent a while searching for what to get for us.
While she really liked the leashes and harnesses they sold, it would cost her a bomb to purchase one for each of us.
Instead, she customised these adorable bandanas for us!
The customisation was done on the spot - simply select the colour, the size and the name. (PS: You can put your phone number on the flip side of the bandana)
It took only 20 minutes to get all these done!
Pretty efficient!
Verdict: OKAY LA 
While the bandanas really don't sit that nicely on us, we actually look good in them.
And this is actually Shelly's very first customised piece since she joined the gang.

DogParazzi Dog leash.
We have not heard of this brand before, so that caught Mummy's attention. 
It was pretty well-made and there was an add-on option an extension dual hook!
Great for walking two dogs at once! 
I'm ready to bring Shelly and ah ma for a walk!
#pipscannotwalkonleashwell #shewalkonherownla #putittothetest
Verdict: FAILED
The leash was just WAYYYY too long (we usually use a 4ft leash) and there was close to ZERO control. 
Shelly and myself just ended up tangling Daddy up and trust us, he got quite annoyed.
Yap, another MEH purchase.

These mats are quite interesting - they are designed to keep pets occupied and stimulated. 
All you have to do is to spread some treats/peanut butter/wet food over the surface, and we will work every morsel with our lickin' tongues!
Sounds pretty neat huh.
Stupid Mummy decided to test this out using K9 Natural canned tripe.
But hey, we ain't complaining.
#smellsheavenlytous #smellslikelokangtoher #wahhahahah
The mats really did what they were designed to!
And they were easy to wash.
Bonus? The mats are non-toxic and freezer safe - which means that you can spread some yoghurt or peanut butter and freeze it to keep your little one occupied longer.
Honestly, if your dog really ain't interested in it, you can just use it as a pot holder.
Our only complaint - stupid Mummy only bought TWO instead of four. Thus, we had to queue up for it.

Inherent Pet Bowl Stand
Mummy saw this bowl on an online store in Singapore and was tempted to get it, but decided to hold off the purchase till she's back from her trip.
Heng she did! Cos she saw the exact same bowl there, but quite a bit cheaper!
Only downside, she had to handcarry it back and the colours were limited.
Yeah yeah, there's no such thing as too many bowls. 
Oh well, but at least this is the right height for the shortest one at home. 
No prizes for guessing who this bowl belongs to now.
#pippinla #incaseyoucannottell
As mentioned, we love new brands. 
Urban Beast is a home-grown Korean brand that has a great selection of pet products! 
Due to space and budget constraints, Mummy only bought us a poopbag holder and a treat pouch.
The items are really well made and the designs are totally up Mummy's alley. 
And since treat pouches = treats, we likey!

Mummy first saw the Dfang mat at Pet Expo and decided to purchase one with her colleague. 
It's really affordable (less than SGD60) and of very good quality.
As they didn't have ready stock, the seller promised to send it to Mummy's AirBnb the day before they fly back.
And of course, it didn't arrive. A disppointed Mummy had to fly back to Singapore without it.
To make matters worse, Mummy misplaced the invoice of the purchase.
She was ready to write the purchase off and decided to take a last ditch effort and dropped the company an email.
#lostcauselor #nochanceonela

The company was AMAZING. Not only did they reply, they even offered to send the mats to us in Singapore.
On hindsight, if the mats had arrived in their AirBnb, it would have been a real pain in the arse to bring it back.
Okay, yeah, we may be a tad biased here since we are blown away by the customer service of this company.
That said, the mat is really very well made. Waterproof, an absolute breeze to clean (just wipe off all stains) and DIRT cheap. How can we not like it?
It's only after coming back did we realise that there is a local distributor for it. 
Of course at a way higher price.
Okay, no kidding. 
We love wrestling on it and it really gives Pips a good grip - something our vinyl floor doesn't do.
That pretty much concludes Mummy's loot for us from Korea.
Not too bad I guess.
Maybe we should ask Mummy to travel more so that she can buy more interesting stuff for us.
Till her next trip.

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